Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mistake Bank podcast: "The Wide Lens" author Ron Adner shares stories of innovation mistakes

the wide lens coverI had the opportunity to interview Ron Adner, professor at the Tuck School of Business and author of "The Wide Lens: A New Strategy of Innovation." The book details the challenges with innovating when you are dependent on more than you and the end-customer - including intermediaries, co-innovators, etc., who influence the success of your new venture.

Ron shares a couple of great stories, but perhaps the most significant part of the interview is the discussion that happens after each story. One of the great benefits of sharing mistake stories is dialoguing with others about what happened, why, and how we can learn from it. I have found this sort of dialogue very helpful in my own learning, and I'm happy to share this neat example with everyone.

You can learn more about The Wide Lens at its website, where chapter 1 (in which Adner evaluates the Michelin story he relates in this podcast) is available to read for free.

Ron Adner, author of The Wide Lens, on innovation ecosystem mistakes (28 minutes)

0:30 - How did The Wide Lens come about?
2:30 - The Michelin mistake story
6:45 - Discussing the Michelin story
13:15 - The inhalable insulin mistake story
19:30 - Discussion: The value blueprint, leading/following, timing, etc.
24:10 - How "The Wide Lens" helps innovators

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