Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quicken admits a mistake and sets out a path to making it right

Karen Wilhelm of the Lean Reflections blog sent along this email she received, dated 22 December 2011:

Mac users have been steaming about this issue for some time. Intuit has never supported the Mac community very well (I run QuickBooks on Windows via Parallel - not a good solution by any means). And this falls short of an apology to users. "We have not always delivered on this promise" and "I understand the frustration" are a few steps below "I'm sorry." But the company does appear to be responding to the outcry from users.

It's interesting that the letter writer, Aaron Forth is an outsider to Intuit. He came to the company via its acquisition of Perhaps this made him more open to supporting the Mac community than Intuit lifers. What do you think?

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